Art Tarkowski is a private business, established by Artur almost 30 years ago. Our highly skilled and experienced team specializes in all aspects of furniture restoration as well as the design and build of bespoke furniture to your requirements. We also work closely with a highly skilled upholsterer who offers services for all types of modern and antique furniture. We are based in West London but we cover all London and nearby areas.

Artur has possessed his skills alongside the real Masters of the craft. Thanks to them he has mastered the old techniques of art cabinet making or knowledge and skills on how to apply different kinds of polishes, including traditional French polishing method. These skills enable him to offer high standard of services, both within restoration and conservation of fine furniture and interiors as well as the creation of new and unique pieces for individual clients’ requests.

Artur has been running his own business in Poland for many years. As well working in different workshops throughout Germany, Belgium and Austria. Several years ago he decided to settle down in England. Before he started to run his own business in West London, Artur has worked with English furniture in different London based companies. He worked in a studio making furniture for Rupert Cavendish. He was engaged in a big project of conservation and renovation of wooden architectural elements in an old residence near London. He also worked for one of London antique dealers, selling his works at Christie’s Auction House. And the most recently for several months Artur worked in a joinery cooperating with Soho House.