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French Polisher London

French polishing is an old, XVII c technique of finishing the fine antique furniture.

Traditional French polishing consists of applying many thin coats of shellac dissolved in alcohol, using a cotton rubber lubricated with oil. It is a lengthy and repetitive process resulting in a very high gloss surface with deep colour.

This method by many people is considered to be the most beautiful way of wood finishing. And though French polished surfaces are more fragile than varnished, however they can be easily repaired.

Artur is an expert of traditional French polishing. He improved his skills to a very high level. Nevertheless in his work he is trying to combine tradition with modern technological achievements.

He will be happy to care about your beloved pieces to bring them to their previous glory in his West London antique furniture restoration studio.

He also undertakes on site services – French polishing of the bigger furniture, staircases hand rails or doors.